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  • website design for bakery - nadya valishNadya took great interest in my business and came across personable and genuine, redid my website  on the WordPress platform and also blended in the brand throughout the site, giving it more life and interest, before working with NADYA VALISH Was not quite sure how it would turn out but I am more than happy with my website, my favourite things working together was the attention to detail, following up to ensure that all the relevant information was there, I felt That I was a customer that was being helped and taken care of, I would definitely recommend anyone else because the professionalism.
    Stephanie Joslin
    Forest Bake
  • packaging dog food- nadya valishNadya was one of the few that I felt really tuned into what I was looking for. There were many excellent ideas and designs by very qualified people but in the final decision, Nadya put together the elements in a way that made me feel that I was truly a co-designer, combining vision with artistic talent. I feel a personal sense of accomplishment as I now look at this label and feel it is finally finished work. Nadya is responsible for this as it is only in her ability to listen, apply the vision I had, and turn it into art. I will certainly be looking to her for other projects in the future.
    Chef David

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