Branding the London Roller Marathon

When we met the CEO of the London Roller Maraton we immediately got excited about the idea of a rollerskating marathon in London and the social impact that this brings. The first thing we did was audit all the material they already had, such as website and social media, we listened and understood how and why a London Roller Marathon is important.


The London Roller Maraton is an ambitious project that will also support charities such as JDRF, Bear, Wheels and Wheelchairs, Rolladome.

Clarity and definition

We define the brand attributes and the core values, the story, the tone of voice, look and feel. This allows the London Roller Marathon to look for partnerships and supporters that align with their ethos.

We created a Brand Personality.

London Roller Marathon (LRM) a is young, happy, energetic, friendly, determined, active and courageous brand. LRM in a way is a lifestyle brand, The LRM way of life is healthy, sporty, with loads of friends, part of the community and a leader that inspire people around.

Based on this we worked on the brand identity visuals and created a guide that allows having a cohesive image across all the brand touchpoints.

NADYA VALISH® also redefined the initial logo in a way that is more strong, and easier to reproduce even on small sizes.


London Roller Marathon -logo before and after
London Roller Marathon -logo before and after
London Roller Marathon -Pages from the brand guidelines.
London Roller Marathon -Pages from the brand guidelines.


Sponsorship brochure design
Sponsorship brochure design

We also map out other needs as presentation design, sponsorship brochure, and a website redesign, that would be done in the near future.

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