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Pet Industry

Package design dog food

Chef David, specialist on premium natural dog food needed a package design for his product, I created a design that feels natural by the use of earth colours and the dogs illustration in movement, giving the overall look of hand-made with the use of typography, which is meant to simulate a typewriter machine type, this combined gives a unique image that is easy to recognise.







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Client Experience

Nadya was one of the few that I felt really tuned into what I was looking for. There were many excellent ideas and designs by very qualified people but in the final decision, Nadya put together the elements in a way that made me feel that I was truly a co-designer, combining vision with artistic talent. I feel a personal sense of accomplishment as I now look at this label and feel it is finally a finished work. Nadya is responsible for this as it is only in her ability to listen, apply the vision I had, and turn it into art. I will certainly be looking to her for other projects in the future.

Chef David

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