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Rebranding a musical ensemble

Ensemble Treludio  (Ensamble Treludio in Spanish), composed of a mix of professional musicians, based in Mexico. However, the clients/musicians struggled to stand out when it came to being hired for the appropriate price.

When we were approached by the Mexican musical Ensemble Treludio, they wanted to improve their presence as they felt it was hard to differentiate among other competitors.

We had an in deep session to understand their competitors, market and their clients, we discovered there is a big market for weddings, market that they already had experience but hadn’t specialised we recommended them to focus their marketing efforts into this market.

From this, we moved to create a client profile and decided to have a more focused service, and a more middle-upper-class clientele, that will appreciate a unique wedding. because of this, Their visual brand needed to be fit to enter into this new market.


Assembly Treludio logotype before


Assembly treludio new logo
Assembly treludio new logo

NADYA VALISH® noticed something during the consultation which was that Ensemble Treludio take the time to write, adapt and perform live instrumentally a special song requested by their clients. Something that not every ensemble would do. this gave them a competitive advantage that can be appreciated for their clients especially when we talk about weddings.

Usually, all the musicians advertise on listings, and Ensemble Treludio has great reviews, but this was not enough to show the full extent of the experience they provide to their clients. For this reason, we recommended them to create a new website that would serve as a host of their events, services and also have a blog that allows them to speak more about the experiences of their clients.

We created a more elegant brand, that is more polished and emotive. We align the slogan “fine-tune your emotions” (Afinando tus emociones in spanish) with the brand.


Assembly Treludio logo version.
Assembly Treludio logo version.


Assembly Treludio logo version
Assembly Treludio logo version



Assembly Treludio website.

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