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Rise Inspired Website

Proposal presented by: NADYA VALISH

Based on the information you’ve provided about Rise Inspired, here’s how you can structure the essential pages for a starter 5-page website:

  1. Home:

    • Welcome message introducing Rise Inspired as a registered provider of social housing.
    • Overview of the mission and commitment to supporting vulnerable young people.
    • Engaging visuals, perhaps featuring images of the accommodation and the team.
  2. About Us:

    • Detailed information about Rise Inspired’s background, history, and partnership with Rise.365 CIC and Inspired Futures Charity.
    • Overview of the range of services provided, emphasizing holistic support beyond accommodation.
    • Introduction to the leadership team (Joyclen Brodie-Mends, Nathaniel Levy, etc.).
  3. Services:

    • A clear description of the supported living services provided at 36 Burnside Road, Dagenham.
    • Overview of the Step-Pathway and the three stages: Assessment, Progress and Specialist Services, Move Through Services.
  4. Contact:

    • Contact details for Rise Inspired, including the address (36 Burnside Road, Dagenham, Essex RM8 1XD).
    • A contact form for inquiries, with a focus on referrals or general questions about services.
    • Links to relevant social media profiles (if Rise Inspired has an online presence).
  5. Page 5:

    • I recommend selecting one of the following options:
  1. Events and News:

    • Highlight upcoming events, workshops, or activities organized by Rise Inspired.
    • Showcase any recent news, achievements, or community engagement initiatives.
    • Provide a calendar or timeline of events for interested parties to stay informed.
  2. Resources and Support:

    • Provide valuable resources and information for young people, caregivers, or those interested in supporting Rise Inspired’s mission.
    • Include links to relevant external resources, guides, and helpful articles.
    • Offer information on how individuals can contribute, volunteer, or get involved with Rise Inspired.
  3. Gallery:

    • Showcase a visual gallery featuring images and videos of the accommodation, events, and activities organized by Rise Inspired.
    • Provide captions to explain the significance of each image, offering a visual narrative of the organization’s impact.
  4. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

    • Compile a list of common questions and answers related to Rise Inspired’s services, referral process, and accommodation.
    • Help visitors find quick answers to their queries, improving user experience and reducing the need for direct inquiries.
  5. Blog or Stories:

    • Share regular blog posts or stories highlighting success stories, personal journeys, and updates related to Rise Inspired.
    • Engage visitors with compelling narratives that showcase the positive impact of the organization.
  6. Partnerships and Collaborations:

    • Detail information about Rise Inspired’s partnerships with local authorities, charities, or other organizations.
    • Highlight collaborative efforts, joint initiatives, and the positive outcomes resulting from these partnerships.

Choose the option that resonates most with your vision for Rise Inspired’s online presence. We’re here to make it happen.

Starter website 1

Best to get starter
£ 999 2 payments off
  • design customisation to match brand
  • List Item #2
  • 5 pages

Starter website 1

Best to get starter
£ 999 2 payments off
  • design customisation to match brand
  • List Item #2
  • 5 pages

Starter website 1

Best to get starter
£ 999 2 payments off
  • design customisation to match brand
  • List Item #2
  • 5 pages

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Scope of Services


Included in this project, is a 45 training session that will cover: - Website content management

Additional Recommendations

Maintenance and Updates

Regular updates and maintenance: 100/ per month.

Newsletter set up and integration


Estimated Timeline:

10 days

Web design
4 days
Review by client
1-3 days
Implement Adjustments
1-3 days
1 days

Your Investment

Web design
Implement Adjustments
Test and Launch

Total: 950

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  1. Payment Terms:
    • 50% upfront upon project initiation.
    • 25% after initial development and design phase.
    • 25% upon project completion and client approval.
  2. Scope of Work:
    • The scope includes the features listed in the chosen package.
    • Additional features or major changes may incur extra costs.
  3. Content Submission:
    • The client is responsible for providing all necessary content promptly.
    • Delays in content submission may extend the project timeline.
  4. Revisions:
    • A set number of revisions are included in each package.
    • Additional revisions may be subject to additional charges.
  5. Ongoing Maintenance:
    • Maintenance and update services are billed monthly. Cancellation of Ongoing Maintenance:
      • The client may cancel the ongoing maintenance services by providing a written notice to the developer at least 30 days in advance.
      • The cancellation will be effective at the end of the 30-day notice period.
      • Upon cancellation, the client will still have access to the website, but any ongoing maintenance services, including updates and technical support, will cease.
      • If the client wishes to resume maintenance services after cancellation, a reactivation fee may apply.
  6. Additional Services:
    • Additional services not included in the chosen package will be billed separately.
  7. Client Cooperation:
    • The client agrees to provide timely feedback and approvals during the development process.
  8. Ownership:
    • The client owns the website and its content upon final payment.
  9. Termination:
    • Either party may terminate the contract with a written notice and settlement of outstanding fees.
  10. Showcasing for Marketing Purposes:
    • Upon completion of the website and final payment, the client grants the developer the right to showcase the website in the developer's portfolio for marketing and promotional purposes.
    • The developer may display screenshots, descriptions, and links to the website on their official website, social media accounts, and other marketing materials.
    • The client acknowledges that the showcasing is intended for the developer's promotional activities, including but not limited to portfolio display, case studies, and promotional content.

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